We are based at Custom Sound Studios in Biggleswade and our Digital recording studio facilities are based around a Live Room which will comforably accommodate a 4-5 piece band for that ‘live’ interaction and feel.  We also have 2 separate vocal booths to get the separation of vocal recordings and a separate drum room for those killer drum recordings.

The live room contains a fully mic’d drum kit, but we recognise that drummers may wish to bring their own cymbals, or snares. We also provide a PA system and all microphones. Bass and guitar amplification is available though we recommend that artists bring the equipment that they are familiar with.  Headphone monitoring is used during recording to enable track separation if required. Somew bands like to record fully ‘live’ others prefer a gradual build up of tracks – each recorded seperatley.

The Control room is seperated from the live room to ensure clean recording.

Initial mixing is performed after the recording process and is an integral part of the recording system.  Based on our experience we like to do an initial mix which we can then discuss with the band – and make appropriate artistic changes.  This is a production role that we like to take on – to combine artist and label views to achieve a successful final product.

Mastering is performed on an independent specialised digital system and software.

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